Men's Ministry - Updates & Notes

The RealChurch Men's Ministry hosts a weekly Bible study at the Chick-fil-A

on Poplar Road in Newnan at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesdays. 

The men's group also regularly schedules community service projects and activities. Check the calendar for more updates. 

Men's ministry activities are coordinated by Elijah Sleigh and Linn Hudson. 

You also can be added to a text group for the men's ministry by texting Linn at 229-364-7900.

Notes from Elijah:

Here is an overview of the discussion points from the men's Bible study on Tuesday, 3/29: 

3 Pieces of Godly Manhood

Gen 2:15

Pursue - We are to work for it. Our nature is to be the pursuer and not just sit passively. We are to leave things better then we find them as a result. We are not just a spectator. We are to pursue God and his will. Rom 14:19

Provide - “Work it” or “tend” means to cultivate. Again we see the theme of work. We are to provide what is needed and not just money. Sacrificial mindset that we come last ahead of our family and others. 1 Tim 5:8

Protect - “Keep it” is translated from Hebrew shamar and literally means to defend, guard or protect. This goes beyond just physically. To stand watch spiritually is extremely important. Prv 31:8-9