Small Group Discussion

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John 6:16-33

Sadness into Joy

Read John 16:16-33


  • What would you say is the hardest thing you have ever dealt with in your life?

  • What about that situation made it difficult?

  • Describe what your emotions were during that time?

  • How did you get through that time period?

  • Looking back can you see how following Jesus helped you through that difficult time?

  • What did your walk with Christ mean to you during that time frame?

Jesus’ completed mission brings us joy. 

  • Describe in your life how being a follower of Jesus has brought you joy.

  • How would you describe your joy as compared to someone you know who doesn't follow Jesus?

  • If there is no difference, what does that mean about your walk?

Jesus has overcome the world.

  • Read John 16:33

  • Read Revelation 12:10-11

  • Discussion:

    • Do you fear death? Why or why not?

    • Jesus has defeated death, he has overcome the world. What does that mean for your life as a follower?

    • Do you live your life as if Jesus has overcome the world? Why or why not?

    • What would your life look like if you TRULY BELIEVED death has no sting?

  • Read  Romans 8: 31-39

    • What do these verses mean to you?

    • When Paul says “nothing will ever separate us” what should our response be to that truth?

    • How can you start today experiencing God in light of the truths we have discussed?